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About Us

Who Are We?

Titan Skills Developers was initiated almost nine years ago by two like-minded women with the passion and purpose to take relevant training to the people of Africa, both urban and rural.

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Based in Durban this small, vibrant business has trained thousands of unemployed and employed learners across South Africa.

Corporate clients have included Mass Discounters, the SPAR group and ADT Security. Titan Skills has had an excellent working relationship with these as well as other small businesses nationwide, by way of capacity building, providing high quality, substantial learning material and/or implementing learnerships and short course training in major cities as well as rural settings.

Titan Skills ensures the highest quality retail and soft skills training being one of the experts in designing and implementation of Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) training in South Africa. RPL helps identify the knowledge and skills a learner may already have against a qualification or part thereof, finding opportunities for learner to identify their learning, having it assessed and formally acknowledged. Clients find their training needs are precisely customized with personal attention to the completion of various projects.

Our vision is to develop a world-class private FET institution offering quality services through multi-mode and multi-sites in collaboration with local, provincial, national and international partners.

Vision Statement

To stimulate the South African economy by providing relevant occupational skills across all economic sectors through multi sites with local, provincial and national partners


Learnership Code Learnership Title NQF Level Credits
27Q270009301354 National Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Operations Supervision (49397) NQF 4 136
27Q270013551202 National Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Operations (58206) NQF 2 120
27Q270030241201 General Education & Training Certificate: Adult Basic Education & Training: Wholesale & Retail NQF 1 120
27Q270029281625 National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Generic Management NQF 5 162
National Certificate: Informal and Small Business Practice (58308) NQF 3 120
SAQA Unit Standard ID Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
114894 Process payment at a POS NQF 2 10
114907 Display merchandise visually in a wholesale and retail outlet NQF 3 15
118028 Supervise customer service standards NQF 4 8
13914 Conduct a formal meeting NQF 3 3
242812 Induct a member into a team NQF 3 4
243806 Deal with customers in a retail business NQF 3 8
258156 Build customer relations in an operational unit NQF 3 10
258162 Sell products to customers in a wholesale and retail outlet NQF 3 12
258160 Demonstrate knowledge of products in own area of operation NQF 3 8
118029 Supervise housekeeping and hygiene NQF 4 6
119956 Promote sales and reduce wastage in a perishable foods deptartment NQF 3 15
114906 Mark merchandise and maintain displays NQF 2 10
114891 Count stock for a stock take NQF 2 5
SAQA Unit Standard ID Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
139907SBM001048 Small Business Manager NQF 3 48
591201OAC00106 Operate a computer NQF 2 6
621101621001020 Sales Assistant General NQF 3 22

Our Services

Quality Management System Development for Accreditation

Assistance in development of client’s policies and procedures for business processes, templates for general administration and training use.

Accreditation Support

Support in acquiring training accreditation with the client’s relevant SETA.

Programme Development Across SETAs

High quality development of SAQA aligned learning material (short course learning programmes or full SETA approved learnerships.

Skills Development Facilitators

SETA approved and registered Skills Development Facilitators to assist our clients analyse and implement their company’s skills development needs. Training needs analysis and completion of workplace skills plans and annual training reports.

Facilitation, Assessment & Moderation of:
Learnerships, Skills Programmes, Unit Standard Based Programmes

We provide professional facilitation, assessment and moderation services to meet the needs of the client.

Project Management of Learning Programmes & National Implementation of Learnerships

We manage NQF aligned unit standard based programmes, skills programmes as well as learnerships nationally.


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Contact Us

Please send us an email on info@titanskills.com or give us a call on 031-7763-463 if you have any queries

Contact us

Address: Waterfall, Durban, South Africa

Phone: 031-7763 463